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Upcoming Events


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  • Composition of the original soundtrack for the documentary "Salvando Distancias", directed by Álvaro Pastor (nominated to the Goya Awards for 'Yo, también'). Nephilim Prod. Premiere: Cines Callao de Madrid, October.
  • Presentation of the piece for Harp and Flute titled Mars Gardens Butterflies in the Madrid Royal Conservatory auditorium. Performers: M. Rosa Calvo-Manzano (Harp) and Vicente Martínez (Flute). March.
  • Premiere of 'Alharaca', piece for piano, marimba, wood blocks, sax, clarinet and flute. Contemporany Music International Festival of Madrid. Nuevo Ensemble de Segovia (music chamber group). Academia de Bellas Artes de Madrid. November.
  • Music for soprano and piano 'Amalia, esplendor do Fado'. Comission for the show "3 Women's Passions", in collaboration with the composers David del Puerto (Spanish National Music Award), Anna Cazurra (The Generalitat of Catalonia, Spain, Distinction to her career) and Agustín Castilla-Ávila (Salzburg Music Award 2013). Performers: Mayca Teba and the awarded pianist Albert Nieto. Premiere in summer 2015 (Vitoria, Spain).
  • Piece for Harp commissioned by the great international harpist Maria Rosa Calvo-Manzano. Premiere planned for 2015.


  • Performance of the piece 'Butterflies in the Gardens of Mars'. María Rosa Calvo-Manzano (harp). Casa de Valencia (Madrid, Spain). February, 17th.
  • Composition of the Oficial Hymn for the Spanish Association ASHUMES. Presentation on the 19th of Abril, Sancho Panza Awards (Madrid).
  • Presentation of the piece "Butterflies of the Gardens of Mars" in the University of Alcalá de Henares (Madrid). May, 14th.
  • Piano concert in the Foundation Fernando Rielo de Madrid, 7th of June.
  • Presentation of the extract of the ballet "Das Brennende Dorf". International Festival International of Contemporary Music of Madrid COMA '15, performed by the Group of Contemporary Music of the Royal Conservatory of Madrid in the Auditory of the same conservatory. November.
  • Presentation of the work "Lost in your gaze" (F. Lázaro, 1991) by the Spanish coreographer Conchita Pradera. MIRA Theater (Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid, Spain), 27th of June.
  • Presentation of the work  "Butterflies of the Gardens of Mars" (F. Lázaro, 2013) in the cycle 'Clásicos en Verano 2015'. Mª Rosa Calvo-Manzano (harp) and Vicente Martónez (flute). Church of Ntra. Señora Santa María del Castillo, Canencia (Madrid, Spain). 4th August..
  • Premiere of the "Allegro en Re para piano y chelo" in the XV International Festival of Contemporary Music of Tres Cantos (Madrid). Daniel del Pino (piano) and Iván Siso (cello). 18th October.


  • Presentation of the extract of the ballet "Das Brennende Dorf" (premiered in Innsbruck, Austria, April, 2012), in the concert of the New Year offered by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Mascalucia in Catania (Sicily, Italy). Director: Vincenzo Di Mauro. January, 2nd.
  • Concert at the piano in the International Festival of Río. Casa de Brasil (Madrid, Ciudad Universitaria). April, 28th.
  • New composition for harp, commissioned by the international harpist Mª Rosa Calvo-Manzano (premiere to be scheduled).
  • Premiere of the Estudio for piano nº1, played by the pianist Mario Prisuelos. International Festival of Contemporary Music (COMA), Teatros del Canal, September, 4th.
  • Invited Professor to the XIV Workshop of Music and Sound for Cinema, giving a pedagogical concert about the most famous original soundtracks of our times. Sede SGAE Madrid. October, 21st.
  • Beginning of the Master on Musical Composition for Cinema. Katarina Gurska Center of High Musical Studies, Madrid. October.
  • Presentation of the Estudio for piano nº1 in the Conservatory oh the Arts of Miami (EE.UU) by the pianist Mario Prisuelos, November, 4th. 
  • Composition for the new coreography of Renato Zanella (former director of the Ballet Opera of Wien. Director of the Nacional Ballet of Bucarest). "Buscando Cervantes". Commissioned by the Dance Company Castro's Siblings.


  • Homage to the career of Fernando Lázaro in the Teatro-Circo -the main theatre of his homeland-, with the presence of several recognised artist from all the country.
  • First Prize of Composition won by Fernando Lázaro in the Competition of the National Institute of Radio and Television of Spain, for the short film "Marquitos", for his original soundtrack. March, 24th.
  • "Distinguished Citizen of Albacete Award 2016", given by the Cultural Asociation of Albacete in Madrid (ACAM) to Fernando Lázaro for his career. The ceremony will take place in the Casa de Castilla-La Mancha, Madrid, 22nd of April.
  • "Butterflies of the Gardens of Mars", for flute and harp, performed by Mª Rosa Calvo-Manzano (harp) and Vicente Martínez (flauta). in the Royal Hall of the Casino of Madrid, January, 30th.
  • Premiere of the ballet "Buscando Cervantes". Coreography: Renato Zanella (former director of the Opera-Ballet of Viena. Current Director of the National Ballet of Bucarest). March, 4th. Teathre Isabel La Católica, Granada (Spain).
  • Overture for the homage to the famous coreographer and dancer Nacho Duato, in the XII "Velada de Danza City of Huesca" (Spain). May, 13th.
  • New coreography for the music of a ballet by the coreographer and former dancer José Espinosa Cabello (Director of the "XII Velada de Danza City of Huesca").
  • Composition and live performance at the piano for the video-homage about Nacho Duato's career ("XII Velada de Danza City of Huesca").
  • Presentation of the work "Amalia, esplendor do Fado", for voice and piano, for the project "3 Passions of a Woman", commissioned by the pianist Albert Nieto, with the collaboration of the singer Luca Espinosa (La Fura dels Baus) and the composers José LuisTurina and David del Puerto (both of them awarded with national prizes of music). Premiere in the Kuraia Festival of Bilbao. Autumn of 2017.
  • Composition of a new piano piece for the young pianist Pedro López Salas. (Date of the premiere to be scheduled).
  • Premiere of a new piano piece played by the great Italian pianist Daniele Petralia (date to be scheduled).
  • Composition of the original soundtrack of the documentary on Hernán Cortés "La Colisión". Directed by the journalist and Mexican producer Karen Santamaría. (Date of the premiere to be set).
  • Premiere of a new piano piece played by Isabel Pérez Dobarro. Premiere in New York City during the winter season of the year 2017.



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